Art education

Analog. Contemporary. Digital.

The variety and diversity of people makes the Kunst­mu­seum Wolfsburg to a lively place and is the prere­qui­site for a shared exchange and the formation of new knowledge. Using contem­porary methods, analog and digital, art education aims to create lasting experi­ences and meaningful experi­ences with art.

Each exhibi­tion is accom­pa­nied by extensive, inter­ac­tive and parti­ci­pa­tory suppor­ting programs aimed at interested visitors to the museum. The offers range from activi­ties for children and families, seminars and workshops for adults, to highlighted projects and programs in coope­ra­tion with schools and other educa­tional and cultural institutions.

Art education aims to motivate and offer young people in parti­cular the oppor­tu­nity to actively engage with the self, life and the world through art. The exhibi­tions and the studio as an analog and digital learning space, think tank and studio offer a variety of oppor­tu­nities for creati­vity in thought and action. For the school sector, agile and project-oriented work to streng­then the indivi­dual action and compe­tence orien­ta­tion of students is one of the most important educa­tional goals.

The Kunst­mu­seum Wolfsburg provides young people with different approa­ches to art. Image: MSCG