Hans op de Beeck

Out of the Ordinary

April 9, 2017 – September 3, 2017


The retro­spec­tive as a total artwork: Encom­pas­sing more than 2200 square meters in and around the large exhibi­tion hall, including its upper gallery, the show provides visitors to the Kunst­mu­seum Wolfsburg the oppor­tu­nity to immerse themselves in the fasci­na­ting world of Hans Op de Beeck’s art.

The exhibi­tion title “Out of the Ordinary” is meant both literally and figura­tively. Drawn from the direct experi­ence of everyday life, the celebrated Belgian multi­media artist Hans Op de Beeck (*1969) has created curiously defami­lia­rized places and situa­tions that, often model-like, indeed become truly out of the ordinary through the exacting use of flowing water, magical record­ings of music or powerful film images.

A premiere for Wolfsburg: For the first time in the museum’s history, a solo exhibi­tion in the large hall will begin on the upper gallery. Trees, shrubs, gravel pathways, and a fountain of water will welcome visitors there. The view from this garden terrace extends out over factory complexes and suburban buildings that house a selection of the artist’s most important instal­la­tions and videos, including additional pieces produced especially for the Wolfsburg exhibition.

The catalogue as artist book: Parallel to the retro­spec­tive, a compre­hen­sive overview of the artist’s work to date will be published in book form and features numerous commen­ta­ries by the artist, who is also active as a writer, composer and theater director.